Mobile Text Banking


Free incoming texts; $0.0325/each outgoing text

Allowing members to quickly access their account information through the convenience of Mobile Text Banking will allow your staff to concentrate on other tasks, rather than answering phone calls by members asking for their available balance. In addition to the ability for members to inquire on their available balance, members can also select to have their eAlerts sent to their mobile devices in the form of a text message giving members timely feedback. Members will appreciate the ability to act quickly and to be more knowledgeable about the status of their account, while they are on the go.

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Your membership will have the ability to enroll into Mobile Text banking without any intervention from your staff. Whether or not a fee is assessed to your members for this service is completely up to the management team of the credit union. CU*Answers charges $0.0325 for each outgoing text, and incoming texts are free.

Promoting another access point for balances inquiries, and eAlert communication allows members who many not have smartphones to be in touch with their accounts at any given time. We have seen members with smartphones also enroll into the service, because they can be quickly notified of any activity without having to login to the mobile web version of It’s Me 247.

If a member were to be standing at their grocery store, and wants to inquire on their available balance for their weekly groceries, they can simply use Mobile Text Banking to get their available balance. CU*Answers has many available marketing and informational material that can be used by your staff to help promote the available service.

A member must first enroll their device to be made available for Mobile Text Banking through It’s Me 247 to ensure that only configured devices can use the service to get balances and eAlerts. Text messages will never contain confidential information about a member or their accounts, and full account numbers are never sent. The initial verification step during the enrollment process will be utilized to verify that a member configured their device correctly.

Schedule of Tasks

  1. We will prepare a benefits summary and project outline with timeline for Board approval
    • We will include a synopsis of existing marketing and instructional content presented with an “it’s good for the member” sales mentality
  2. We will consult on a marketing/rollout plan
    • Will include project timeline with specific deadline date and milestones
  3. We will guide staff in preparing an internal procedure document with steps to monitor and manage the project going forward
    • Will include recommendations and instructions to staff
    • Training for credit union staff on what to do
    • Training with management staff on related dashboards for tracking member penetration
  4. We will make adjustments to your chart of accounts oif needed (e.g. to support new fees, etc.)
  5. We will configure Mobile Text Banking
    • Will include introductory text or a URL (based on credit union preference) for members to view during the enrollment process.
    • Will include configuration of Mobile Text Banking Service Fees
  6. We will provide suggestions for marketing to members about the service as well as marketing to existing eNotice/eAlert members who may wish to add a text notification to their existing configuration.
  7. We will flip the switch and go live!

Text Banking Commands

The following are Text banking command examples and their responses. You can also access a list of these commands via a link in online banking during the Text Banking enrollment process. These commands can be sent to IM247 (46247).

BAL Balance for all eligible accounts
BAL BIZ Balance for up to three savings or checking accounts
BAL 010 Balance for a specific account
BAL BIZ 010 Balance for a specific membership and account combination
STOP Turns off all text banking
STOP BIZ Turns off text banking for a specific account
HELP The customer service number

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