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  • Self Directed Data Floods

    Self-Directed Data Floods

    A new approach to data management and maintenance

  • Call Center Scorecards

    Call Center Scorecard

    Analyzing call volume, purpose, and effectiveness – how are members adapting?

  • Analytics Booth Banner

Trending your operations has never been easier with Analytics Booth.  This web based Application tracks and trends hundreds of operational data points on your credit union every day, providing data driven insights and operational trending.

Analytics Booth tracks your daily operations in areas such as Balances, Members, Cash, Loan Applications, and Delinquency.

  • Do you know how many members you sign up a day?
  • How is your average checking account balance changing over time?
  • How many share account withdrawals does your membership do a day?
  • Which branch has the most?

CU*BASE Credit Unions also have access to Analytics Booth Dashboards.

Looking for a managed Data Warehouse to expand data retention, integrate non-CU*BASE data, or otherwise support your data strategies?  Explore our data warehousing solutions.

Need a “Deep Dive” on an area of your operations? Browse our existing analytical projects, or create your own with a Custom Analytical Request.

Custom Services

Other Services

Moving data to your inhouse warehouse has never been easier with our Data Exchange services.  Select our standard data package, or build your own – we’ll get you the data you need, when you need it.

Enhance your periodic reporting with operational scorecards from the Asterisk Intelligence Team.

Whether you’re building your own team of analysts and need A-Z training, or ready for customized advanced learning; explore our educational services and give your team the knowledge they need to transform data into insights!

Does your Board Packet need an update?  Looking to engage executives and board members with more data, insights, and operational trending?  Let the Asterisk Intelligence team support your initiatives.