Virtual Closing Rooms


Do you want to get members documents to sign securely, quickly and with a premier experience all in a familiar environment – Online Banking? Then this product is for you! With Virtual Closing Rooms you can send documents from ProDOC or directly from the eDOCSignature website to your members for eSignature right inside of online banking which includes the CU*Answers Mobile app too! Now that’s internet retailing! No out of wallet verifications needed: you know it’s your member signing.


Credit unions leveraging an online vault, enhanced online vault or an InHouse vault alongside eDOCSignature can use virtual closing rooms with their members now! If you have eDOCSignature today and are using an online, enhanced or Inhouse vault with release management from Imaging Solutions, this is ready to go now! Just start using it. If you’re not sure how check out our On Demand Video below. Not sure how this looks like in your workflow? See our Use Cases document here! Order now and Imaging Solutions will reach out to you to make sure you are set to go and help you get this off the ground.

OnDemand Video Walkthrough

On Demand Video

Use Case Example

Download an Example Use Case Flowchart

Screenshot Gallery of the Process

On a Mobile Browser

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Viewing your Mobile Info CenterView Mobile Message CenterViewing your Mobile Message View DocumentEntering Disclosure Authorization Code on Mobile

On a Desktop Browser

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Notice informing of Virtual Closing Room documentViewing Desktop Message CenterSelecting Your Signature for eSignSigning your document


Requires eDOCSignature

Virtual Closing Rooms eSign Experience

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