• Card Randomization

    Card Randomization

    Sign up today for to help mitigate card related fraud by having your card numbers randomized

  • ATM/Debit Card Tune up

    ATM/Debit Tune Up

    Review your credit union’s ATM and Debit Card configurations, dashboards, and reports with our experts

  • Credit Activity Rebate

    Credit Card Cash Back

    With the credit card cash back program, not only are you rewarding your members with a percentage back, you are increasing product sales and creating lasting memberships!

  • Credit Card Services

    Card Activity Rebate

    Add a Card Activity Rebate (CAR): Rewards are configured to give your members back a certain percentage of their debit card activity every month.


As part of CU*Answers Management Services, SettleMINT EFT is your one stop location for all EFT related information including ATM/Debit & Credit Cards, Instant Issue Cards, Bill Pay, Compromised Card Support, and Shared Branching. We also provide consulting to help you maximize your investment in EFT products and features and provide for enhanced member service experiences.



Bill Pay

Miscellaneous Services