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Developer's Help DeskThe Developer’s Help Desk Online Store is intended to provide an online retail shopping experience for ordering a variety of Off-the Shelf tools for which CU*Answers has previously developed, or getting started with a Design Studio (custom) project request. By grouping these project types into various categories/departments, we are able to offer a simpler, more streamlined approach for clients to be able to quickly review and determine a solution. For many of these services, we have included a published price as based upon our technical experience for having previously developed this solution. Whether ordering a “canned” project such as converting from one supported EFT switch or online Credit Card vendor to another, or going down a whole new road working with a new 3rd party vendor to build a Design Studio (custom project) solution, the DHD online store is a perfect place to start! Need more details? See how to utilize the Online Store.

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